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Deco devote to one stop destination, For clients who look for quality interior design and renovation solutions. We understand that renovation project is in its nature always complicated.

Therefore, Deco promises to deliver an all inclusive service in a timely manner so that we can help lessen the headache to a minimum extent. We want to be known as the best pain killer in our industry.

we create a pleasant environment that helps our clients to demonstrate their brand image and convey their core value to the visitors, which as a result can boost the customers’ experience during their visit and improve the brand loyalty. It’s always our goal to look for win win situation with our clients, and this explains why our customers love to return to us.

Fire service work

For a building, in the case of fire, the smoke prevention and exhaust system should be necessary and smoke control should be valid in the fire area so that the smoke and fire would be quickly extinguish DECO attaches importance to safety issues, so whether it is inspection of fire alarm systems and smoke ventilation systems or the installation of small projects, we would did it well.

Operation & Maintenance of MVAC

The Indoor air quality is very important impact on human health and life. Poor indoor air can feel unwell. In the workplace, it will lead to high absenteeism and low productivity.

Therefore, a qualified ventilation system is important. Deco would provide the qualified and high quality mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems(MVAC).

Liaison with authorized parties and certificate application

In the fit out work , operation would involve license issues. Deco had nearly 30 years experience in fit out industry . Familiar with the license application process and understand the requirements of government departments Standard. and we understanding that the impact of licenses and certificates on the fit out , business operation and safety. we can provide one stop services to our customers for license application and certificate.

Ceiling work

In the interior design , ceiling design is affecting to the aesthetics and lighting effects, Through the ceiling design ,would effect the space sense and visual enjoyment, achieve the aesthetic sense and visual balance .In addition, Ceiling is related to the structure of a building . If the handle is substandard , the water seepage would be happen.

Floor work Floor

Floor work include renovating the floor, raising the floor, waxing the floor, etc. we understand that the floor is the most commonly contacted floor work must be strict and follow the rule . Otherwise, mold would be happen at any time. ,even would affect the building structure.

Door, wall and partition work

Door and the wall are part of the space planning. Quality can effect the usage time and sound insulation . We always had our own workers team, and their quality of the handwork are qualified that can ensure customer confidence. one more thing, our factory can provide door any design needs include door panel.

Electricity Work

Electricity is necessities of life , electricity work is include installation, calibration, inspection, testing, maintenance or repair of electrical installations. In addition, electrical installations are include Electric box, wiring device and lighting device, so appoint a qualified engineering personnel are important, and Deco engineering personnel are equipped with qualified licenses.

Plumbing and drainage work

Plumbing and drainage systems can divided clean water drainage systems and sewage drainage systems. The drainage equipment includes drainage pipes, trap and water seal; Keep the drainage system working condition can prevent the pathogens to spread . Regularly inspect all pipes and drainage systems. If any of following phenomena arises such as : leakage or blockage of the drainage pipes, loosened pipe bracket and cracks in or rust on the drainage pipes , repairs should be appoint a qualified contractor.

Reinstatement of premises

Reinstatement of premises is not a simple project. We would seriously to handle each details in demolish. Usually site demolish includes: removing or restoring the ventilation system and electric power system, removing the partition wall or building, removing outdoor extra objects, etc. At the same time, we also provide cleaning services. One stop service eases client processes.